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First of all, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Whether you had quiet days or spend it with family or friends, it's a good time to honor your accomplishments and start making plans for this brand new year! 

With this first post of 2017, I want to say thank you. I appreciate every time you open my emails, share my thoughts and/or work with me on design projects.

Thank you!

You know that Explora is a mission-driven business, which means that a percentage of every project I get, goes towards a cause I personally believe in, for inclusion, conservation, and equality:

On December 28th, 2016, I made the first contribution to these organizations. This new venture and business model with Explora Creative started in July 2016, so this was a small first contribution, but I'm hoping to make it grow year by year, as my business grows.

I'm sure you now want to know where your percentage went, and I also want you to know the organizations I support better, so here is some information about each one:

Conservation Colorado


For 50 years, Conservation Colorado has been at the front lines of every fight working to protect the air, land, water, and people across Colorado.

Conservation Colorado was selected, because I'm addicted to nature and dream about people protecting it for the next generation. I believe in conservation, in respecting nature, and in open public spaces for everybody.



Unamonos is a non-profit organization in Arequipa, Peru (my hometown). Founded by my grandfather 40 years ago, it has helped over 4,000 children with down syndrome and other disabilities, and their families (mostly from limited resources), through education, physical therapy, nutrition, and even job placement.

Unamonos was chosen because of what it means to me personally. I've been supporting them for a while and hope to continue doing so for many years.

If you want to know more about the story of Unamonos and why is so important to me, I invite you to watch my IGNITE BOULDER talk about Crisis As Opportunities:

Cheers for a successful 2017! 

I hope we get to work together soon. Get in touch at any point, my door, phone, and email are always open for you; or feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy 2017!

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