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How you get your foot in the door

If you have moved to a new city more than once or if you have left a permanent job to start your own business, you know how hard it's to basically start from scratch, having to go out there and network, try to get your business card in the hands of all the right people...

In this cases, first impressions are crucial and creativity can be your strongest tool.  This is why I wanted to share with you own experience being a newbie in the area, with the hope that it might inspire your own strategy to get out there without shame or fear.

When I moved to Boulder, Colorado back in 2014, as a freelance designer, I knew I had to start meeting people, fast! and I'm a true believer that the best conversations usually happen over coffee (or even better drinks), so I figured having a fun little presentation/portfolio package would be a good way to introduce my self to the local creative community. 

With this booklet I didn't only want to show samples of my work and experience, but also show my personality. And since the goal was to make connections, whether they are purely professional o become future friendships and/or collaborations, I added a "call to action" feature.


This is how a simple presentation package, became an invitation for new opportunities.

And because this was such a fun project for me, I figured I could share the creative process with you in a quick little video. I hope you like it: