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Explora is based in sunny and outdoorsy Colorado, but we work remotely for many clients. I’ve been a creative all my life, a graphic designer for 15 years, and an independent professional for the last 5 years, which allowed me to live in many places around the world…

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I thrive by helping up-and-coming businesses on their journey through success, creating the right branding and online presence so they can reach their ideal customers and grow. At the same time, I want to use my business as a force for good, by giving back one project at a time.  

I believe good work is based on mutual respect, collaboration, and partnership, so I like to work with people that are excited and passionate about their business, and who want honest and real connections with their customers. 

An open door policy means you can come in or contact me at anytime time during or after the project is done. I'm not the type of designer that will disappear once the check is cashed. I like to see your growth and stay involved – I'm your partner for the long run. 

you said giving back, how's that?

I'm neither a doctor nor a millionaire, so I can’t make humongous changes in the world, but I can give a little. So, every time I get a new project, 2% of that project's cost goes towards a cause I believe in. You as my client, have the chance to choose which cause to help. 

The awesome thing is that you don’t need to do anything different and it doesn't affect your project's cost! It's all on me. The 3 causes I currently support for education, conservation, and equality are:


A non-profit organization in Arequipa, Peru (my hometown). Founded by my grandfather 40 years ago, it has helped over 4,000 children with down syndrome and other disabilities, mostly from low-income families, with education, physical therapy, nutrition, family guidance, and even job placement. Unamonos works only by donations and promotes social inclusion throughout their programs. 


For 50 years, Conservation Colorado has been at the front lines of every fight working to protect the air, land, water, and people across of Colorado. I'm addicted to the outdoors, so I strongly believe in protecting the environment for the next generation, in respecting nature, and in having open public spaces for everybody. 


I want to help my community as much as I can, so I have created a small fund to cover the costs of design services for selected non-profits or struggling female entrepreneurs, who otherwise would not been able to afford it. One organization will be selected per year.

“Truly passionate people find a place where they can make an impact, regardless of their life circumstances.”

– Paul Jarvis –

why on earth would I do this!? 

Because, like most people, I also want a brighter future, where my businesses grows in a conscious way, hand in hand with the community.

Because design is my gift and I choose to use it for good, by being an agent for change. 

Because I believe the creative industry has the power to create a big positive impact in the world.

Because I hope this will inspire others to do the same – actions speaks more than words.  


work based on collaboration

I truly love what I do. I find pleasure in solving problems and translating your messages and ideas into visuals that actually work, while seeing your business thrive. I'm also very passionate about being in a creative industry, where I get to constantly collaborate with other professionals:


This is where my physical office is. An awesome co-working space and a strong community that hosts a fantastic group of creatives. They are also my partners for many projects.


I've been a member since 2004 and part of the board for 2 years as a branding chair, helping this passionate non-profit organization and talented creatives lift the design community up.


about my experience...

15 years in this industry has taught me that each project is a challenge and a blessing. With each project I learn something new and with each client, I gain a friend. 

You can get more details by downloading my resume, but more importantly, I encourage you to visit my portfolio. These are some of my lovely clients:

Resolute Brewery // Blair Herbals // ProYo // Zayo // UCEC // Museo de Arte de Lima (Peru) // Dinamica (Peru) // Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian) // Abrakadabra (Peru) // S+S Arquitectos Consultores (Peru) // Door To Door Organics // Movistar – Plus TV (Peru) // PBS Kids // IFC (Peru) ... among others

// my resume //


what clients say

Daniela was so professional, super prompt, and very detailed in everything. I was a newbie in the world of business ownership, so she clarified everything at each stage. What I really liked was that she gently nudged me to make decisions, though not in a rushed way, enabling me to think about it with fresh eyes. I will use her again, absolutely.
— Stephanie Wilson // Founder // clean for good
Daniela went above and beyond to help us meet a very, very aggressive deadline.
— alex rumman // naturally boulder
Awesome creativity and execution. Friendly service. Prompt and efficient turn-around.
— Brannon Shiflett // Editor at BShiflett.com

If you're interested on a design consult to help you figure out how to start or manage your brand or interactive projects, don't hesitate on getting in touch*. 

*Consults have an hourly cost of $50/hour, which is different than my regular hourly rate. For more details about costs, request a quote here.


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